Demirbağ Mobilya

Quality Policies

In order to provide our customers with the best products and services in the furniture, kitchen and white goods sectors;

  • To comply with the legal legislation of our country,
  • Based on the principles of human health and safety at every stage of production,
  • To improve our products and services beyond the needs and expectations of our customers, to offer our customers on time and completely,
  • Measuring customer satisfaction to keep at the highest possible level,
  • To continuously improve our Quality Management System,
  • Continuously train all employees to follow developments in our country and in the world,
  • Employees who are trained, experienced and have the necessary skills, do not allocate appropriate equipment and other needed resources,
  • To measure, improve and improve the harmony between all our processes,
  • Developing a risk-based philosophy of thinking within the company and determining opportunities

we are committed.

In this direction, we determine our aims, measure and observe.

Umut Demirbağ İnan